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  Billing Address Changes
  Enterprise Zone
  (TIF) Tax Increment Fin.
  Property Tax Abatements
  Tax Corrections/Refunds
  2006 Pay 2007 Tax Rates
  2007 Pay 2008 Tax Rates
  2008 Pay 2009 Tax Rates
  2009 Pay 2010 Tax Rates
  2010 Pay 2011 Tax Rates
  2011 Pay 2012 Tax Rates
  2012 Pay 2013 Tax Rates
  2013 Pay 2014 Tax Rates
  2014 Pay 2015 Tax Rates
  2015 Pay 2016 Tax Rates
  Final Tax Rates
  (for 2016 Pay 2017)
  Top Ten Assessments

In order to view the final tax rates you must first have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. Should you need the reader, we have provided a link below.


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2017 pay 2018 Tax Deductions
The property tax deduction deadline is January 5, 2018. To be eligible for these deductions in 2018, persons must be the owner of their primary residence as of December 31, 2017.

Click the help icon below for additional information regarding property tax deductions.

Property Tax Deductions
The IN Property Tax Benefits form from the DLGF is printable in the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Click here to go to the State of Indiana's website for more information on Property Tax Benefits.


Information listed here includes:
    Tax Billing Address Changes,
    Evansville Enterprise Zone (Business),
    TIF (Tax Increment Financing),
    Tax Abatements,
    Tax Corrections / Refunds,
    2006 pay 2007 township tax rates,
    2007 pay 2008 township tax rates
    2008 pay 2009 township tax rates
    2009 pay 2010 township tax rates
    2010 pay 2011 township tax rates
    2011 pay 2012 township tax rates
    2012 pay 2013 township tax rates
    2013 pay 2014 township tax rates
    2014 pay 2015 township tax rates
    2015 pay 2016 township tax rates
    and the final 2016 pay 2017 tax rates as advertised on March 24, 31 and April 7, 2017.

If you need further information please contact Charlene Decker at 812/435-5464.

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