Supplemental Homestead Deduction

If you have not previously filed a homestead exemption on your place of residence and have purchased the home as of December 31, 2010, you have until January 5, 2011 to file. This homestead credit will be given on 2010 taxes payable in 2011. If you are entitled to a Homestead Standard Deduction, you are also entitled to receive a Supplemental Homestead Deduction. One application can be filed for both the Supplemental Homestead Deduction and the Homestead Standard Deduction.

To be eligible for the homestead deduction in 2011, persons must be the owner of their primary residence as of December 31, 2010.

Effective for 2008 taxes payable in 2009, you can receive a 35% credit up to 600,000 off the residential assessed value of your property after the standard deduction is taken and then an additional 25% credit of the residential assessed value over 600,000. For example:

Residential Assessed Value Standard
Deduction (35%) of Remaining Residential AV
Deduction (25%) of Remaining Residential AV
Net Assessed
(or application of
other eligible deductions)
75,000 45,000 35% of 30,000=10,500 0 19,500
100,000 45,000 35% of 55,000=19,250 0 35,750
600,000 45,000 35% of 555,000=194,250 0 360,750
800,000 45,000 35% of 600,000=210,000 25% of 200,000=50,000 495,000

Once a homestead exemption is filed on your residence, it only needs to be re-filed if you move. Both the Standard and Supplemental Homestead Deductions are under one application and can be filed on your Sales Disclosure Form.

Your exemptions can also be filed in the Auditor's Office, Room 208 of the Civic Center Complex (on the second floor.) Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. If you would like an exemption form mailed to you, please call 435-5302 and make the request.