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Live Video Streaming

The Commissioners and the County Council now have a new Granicus link to view live video streaming of their meetings. Use this link for live streaming or to view the Commission video archives. Click here to view the County Council meeting live or to view the County Council video archives.

You can also click on the dates listed to the right to connect to Granicus.


The County Auditor is ex-officio clerk or secretary for the Board of Commissioners and shall keep record of the proceedings of their meetings (Commission, Drainage, and Rezoning).

The proceedings and determinations of the board shall be recorded in a book to be kept for that purpose, and all books, accounts, vouchers, papers and documents, touching the business or property of the county, shall be carefully kept by the auditor. (IC 36-2-2-11)

Our Verbatim Archive lists Commission, Drainage Board, and Rezoning Board minutes from January 1997 to December 1998 and are provided in the Adobe "pdf" format.

Click HERE for more information.

Verbatim minutes from January 1999 to the present are available for viewing by using the corresponding Verbatim links to the left.

Handwritten/ typed Commission minutes dating back to the year 1818 are available for public review in the Auditor's Office located in Room 208 of the Civic Center Complex. Also Microfilm and CD records are available from March 1837 through August 1919.
Audio versions of the Commission, Drainage Board, and Rezoning Board meetings are available from June 2001 to the present by using the Audio links to the left.

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